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Diary of an Intern…

As a 2nd year English and Film undergraduate it shouldn’t come as much surprise that I haven’t had much experience within the digital marketing industry, so preparing to work for twentysix was somewhat daunting to say the least. I’ve recently become extremely interested in the advertising and marketing world and came with an open mind to learn as much as I could. You might think it’s a fairly dramatic career change from the obvious film industry route and you wouldn’t be wrong. However I feel I can utilise my analytical thinking skills from film and direct them through marketing since after all, whether they are on TV or online, brands are in need of an audience as much as films, right?

Stepping into twentysix on my first day, it was immediately clear to see this agency is distinctive; with bright pink splashed across the office (you can tell the CEO is female) and momentary bursts of conversation and giggles, it immediately screams ‘big personality’. Nowadays it seems apparent that university degrees alone aren’t enough to get you ahead in your career so I was extremely excited to be given the opportunity to work for twentysix for the duration of 6 weeks. Since Lorna Foott, an Account Director of the agency has kindly taken me under her wing; I’ve been exposed to the importance of having an array of skills such as interpersonal relations and organisation to name a few. What you need to have in mind when working for a company like twentysix is creativity and drive to help others communicate to their targeted consumer. I’ve been lucky enough to experience quite a few of the departments all of which are full of young, hardworking people that are great to work with.

CarmelinaI’m happy knowing I’ve still got another couple of weeks here at twentysix and it’s safe to say nothing beats being involved hands-on with a company you want to see succeed. Jobs nowadays are hard to come by and no one can question the value of practical experience over the theoretical ‘Film history’ lectures I’m taught at university. It’s great to have an outlet to apply the skills I’m learning to real life. That’s what I love about twentysix, it’s all about what’s driving consumers now, how to present that to the client and keeping up with the B2B relationships of the future.

As an intern my overall first two weeks have shown me online marketing consists of very diverse job roles, strict adrenaline filled deadlines, keeping one focused in an office with enthusiastic employees (I can only assume it’s due to their extreme caffeine consumption) and occasionally drumming to the beat of the radio on a Friday afternoon. They’re happy employees and I’m a happy intern; thanks twentysix!

CC x

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