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Diary of an Intern – Part III

There’s a gloomy atmosphere in the office today which is totally at odds with the fortunate weather we’ve been given. It can mean one thing and one thing only…It’s my last day!

I’m sad to say I shall be leaving twentysix today and heading back to the wild student lifestyle for a while. However, I’ll never forget how much I’ve learnt here at twentysix – not just the basic principles of marketing but also learning to meet the professional standards of the company too. I’ve gained an insight into how an agency works for the first time and I’m really grateful to have had the opportunity to work with everyone. Bearing in mind I was a nervous wreck for my first day, I’m thoroughly please with how much I have thrown myself into the work I have been given. There really is no better way to learn. Working for twentysix during these past six weeks has made me come to realise that web marketing is a field I can definitely see myself going down once I’ve graduated next year.

For my first time working in an office I have a strong feeling I’ve been lucky to work with a company like twentysix. The agency is far from the stereotypical drab office you could assume and instead allows room for such creativity which has made it all the more enjoyable whilst learning. I’ve really enjoyed gaining insights into many of the dynamic roles, especially social media and hope to continue by educating myself whilst I carry on with my studies.

CarmelinaI feel I’m finally on the right tracks in creating a future for myself which has given me a lot of confidence. I cannot express enough how valuable my time here has been and I definitely encourage other students to pursue an internship during their studies. If I can do it, so can you!

Thanks to everyone at twentysix for their friendly support; the pints (of tap water) are on me tonight folks!

CC x

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