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Diary of an Intern – Part II

It’s been all systems go since the New Year here at twentysix, and I’ve been lucky enough to dip my toes into a few of their latest projects over the past four weeks. Like any student, I’ve found it a bit of a shock to the system sticking to a daily routine which involves early mornings, but I am getting better at it and I’m pleased to say that it’s been thoroughly worth it!

Everyone at twentysix has made me feel incredibly welcome right from day one, with members of each department giving me an insight into the nature of their work. For example, Hannah Cooper and Sean Murricane have been showing me the importance of social media.  I’ve found utilising social networks within brands and campaigns helps not only strengthen the engagement with your particular demographic but it allows you to deal with customer responses in a fast and efficient manner.

Wanting to indulge in as much marketing material as possible, I’ve been reading a plethora of blogs and websites. I was amazed to read that Brandwatch found there was a 64% increase in tweets when a hashtag was shown at the beginning of a programme. I guess that shows how absolutely essential social media has become for businesses to succeed! What has come as a surprise to me is how much I have enjoyed content writing. I’ve helped supplement material on a couple of brands including this blog and I have to say it’s given me a sense of pride to see my work displayed in a place where so many can gain access to it. Having only studied English literature during A-Levels and university, creative writing has been a breath of fresh air and I hope to continue gaining experience for the future.

CarmelinaI’ve also recently been given many tasks in researching company competitors; looking into what their audience profile is, their voice and how they present themselves compared to our clients. What I found particularly interesting is how two companies can promote similar products, however if their chosen demographic is different it can influence a whole new perspective of how the voice is projected. I’ve also been attending conference calls to clients; twentysix provide regular contact with their clients which taught me how important strong communication is. I found it created a basis for making certain both parties were on the right page, which is key for producing a flawless process.

I’m honestly having an incredible time and I just can’t believe how fast it seems to be going by! I’m thankful to know I’ve got one more week to go with some exciting work coming up and I intend on taking in as much as I can while I have the chance.

CC x

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