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A year of being do-gooders

At the risk of sounding like Bob Geldof – “Give us yer f****** money.”

Since I’ve been at twentysix there has always been a sense of giving, especially when it comes to charities. In other places I have worked, there has never been this level of support for charities. What really resonated here is how people at twentysix love doing something good for others, whether it’s a nice message on Perkbox (our online in-house benefit platform) or simply baking some super yummy cakes.

When I was asked to get involved with the Entertainments committee I knew my role needed to be more than organising a party here or there. I wanted to research and get involved with things I personally think would make a bigger impact. So with a little bit of planning, and a few spare pennies, here is what the wonderful people at twentysix have achieved this year…


Red Nose Day (24th March)

For Red Nose Day this year we baked red things – our Managing Director and General Manager became Mary and Paul for the day for a wonderful bake off!

Additionally we placed our bets for an egg and spoon race around the building, Georgie Eggans (30/1), Steph Eggson (20/1), Eggy Gill (100/1), Kylegg Johnson (7/2) and Roger Scrambled (2/1)

Wear a hat day (13th April)

We decided to grab our favourite hats to raise funds and bring us a little bit closer to the cure for brain tumours for Brain Tumour research. This charity is the only national charity in the UK that is purely dedicated to continuous and sustainable scientific research into brain tumours and is very close to the hearts of many of my colleagues.


British Heart Foundation (June)

Our second charity event of the year was the ‘Wear it, Beat it’ campaign in which people dressed in red to raise awareness for the British Heart Foundation, and you guessed it, another Bake Off! Looking back, the amount of cake present on that day did not set the best example for promoting healthy lifestyles, but we did manage to raise £216 for BHF.

MacMillan Coffee Morning (September)

With cake in mind (mmmmmm cake) this September twentysix took part in our very own Macmillan Coffee Morning raising money for the wonderful nurses at Macmillan. We hosted a magnificent bake sale with people getting rather creative – someone even decided to brave a Ganache (oh yeah) and it worked amazingly. We even had our very own espresso bar (unfortunately not the martini kind but we can dream), raising our total amount to a massive £421.




World Mental Health Day (13th October)

Over the last couple of years, it’s being recognised (especially on social media) that too few people in this world are thriving with good mental wellbeing. This year we decided to spread some kindness around our workplace by placing a hat on each floor filled with everyone’s names. Employees picked a name out of the hat and sent them a nice email or a “badge” on our online platform, hopefully helping to boost self-confidence and develop relationships within the company.

I personally thought it was wonderful to see the morale boost from all the lovely messages.

Staff Acheivements (The twentysix hall of legends)

In September, Jarrod slept rough overnight at Clarence Dock to raise money for the charity, Simon on the streets. He, along with 100 Leeds-based individuals, decided to raise awareness for this amazing charity and he managed to raise an incredible £480.

Additionally, Sarah donned some running gear and took part in The London Marathon 2017, which she did for the charity York Hospital Trust after they managed to “put her back together” after she broke her leg doing the marathon in 2016.

The lovely Caroline did 2 x 10K and our Finance Controller Rob decided to throw himself out of a plane (accompanied by a trained professional and a parachute) to raise money for St Gemma’s Hospice.



These are just a few of the amazing things that people have taken on since the short time I’ve been at this agency. It warms my heart to see people I work with giving back to those less fortunate or to simply say ‘thank you’ to the people who have helped them individually.

Leeds & North West Food Bank

With that in mind, we have just dropped off our first donation of the year to the Leeds & North West Food bank which helps local people in crisis. The agency have been supporting this incredible cause for the last few years and when I heard about this I wanted to get involved and try and make this the most succesful year yet.

The foodbank is a project founded by local churches and community groups, working together towards stopping hunger in our local area. Founded in Moortown in 2013, they now have 7 foodbank centres across the North and West Leeds running 9 sessions a week to support people in their local area.

With more than 1 in 5 of the UK population living below the poverty line, it definitely is the time to act now to help these people in need, even its just swapping a daily Starbucks for a couple of tins of food or missing out on that after work pint to buy someone some nappies for a family.

Hopefully in reading this you get inspired to potentially donate yourself or make a suggestion to your workplace and try some fundraising next year. It might not be the next Live Aid, but I can asure you it will make you feel warm and fuzzy inside and it will certainly make a massive difference to someone in need.


Fay Hunter


Chief Fundraising Officer (not my actual title)

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