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A Stress-free Workplace with Yoga

Nowadays, it is widely known that yoga helps to reduce anxiety and manage stress. Many therapists recommend meditation and yoga sessions as a therapy for chronic stress and depression – the kind of stress mostly caused by facing the everyday challenges of life, work, and family.

However, yoga allows us to access our inner strength and better control the negative thoughts that contribute to feeling ‘stressed out’. For that reason, many big companies recognise the value of yoga – and the benefit of a stress-free work environment – and try to encourage employees to follow this technique.

twentysix does yoga…

A good example of this practice is at the twentysix office. Since the beginning of the year a yoga instructor has been visiting the Leeds office in order to provide employees with a ‘stress-free’ hour, or ‘happy hour’ as many of us call it. Our inspiring instructor brings yoga mats and masks to achieve better relaxation and calmness.

Although many people consider yoga a low-impact way of working out, they have to remember that it demands a lot of physical strength. Beginners should know that there will be a lot of aching the following day, but the feeling of relaxation will definitely be a pay-off. Every Monday afternoon at twentysix we spread peace throughout the office; and to be honest nothing can really stress us out for the rest of the day.

In order to convince you more of the value of yoga, I will provide you with some facts about stress: Many people think that stress can be a positive motivator, and it’s not an illness but just a natural state. However, stress has a lot of disadvantages when it becomes excessive. Workplace stress happens when work-related pressures exceed employees’ ability to adapt to these pressures.

For these reasons, the benefits of having a stress-free workplace are many. By contributing to your employees’ relaxation you can improve retention as well as their engagement. In addition, it increases productivity and growth and increases employee morale.

In conclusion, yoga is never waste of time or resources. Book the biggest meeting room in your office, find a ‘mobile’ yoga instructor and share the cost with your colleagues. Since you are organising a whole class, it won’t cost you more than £3 per person. Why not have a go?

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