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#26success – Spring Conference – Maximising Success in Search & Social 2015

twentysix successfully held its inaugural Spring Digital Conference last night. The event, entitled Maximising Success in Search & Social 2015, showcased some of our most significant partners including fantastic speakers from Google,

Peter Reid, MSQ CEO

Peter Reid, MSQ CEO

Facebook, Linkdex and Marin.

Held at the illustrious Groucho Club in Soho, the evening brought together clients, contacts and the wider MSQ Partners family to share the latest and greatest trends, inspiration and thought provoking insight for the year ahead.

The event, which also gave support to the launch of our search operation in  London, tackled topics such as Innovation in Paid Social, How to Build a Brand With Google and Multi-Channel Bidding Strategies using automation, as well as a look at the future of SEO for brands.

The content was, as you would expect, excellent and pens where working ferociously to capture all of the hints, tips and anecdotes which will certainly influence the way we all think about Search & Social in our marketing mix.

There is far too much to share for one post (you’ll just have to come along next time!) but there are some key take-always below:

Joe from Google discussing How to Build a Brand in Google

Joe from Google discussing How to Build a Brand in Google

  • Focus on the entire funnel, not just the bottom end!
  • Target audiences & mind-sets (purchase intent) not just keywords
    • Not a searchers have commercial intent
    • Align, expand and optimise your content across all platforms for greater returns
    • “Everything you know about SEO is lies-to-children.” (A candid reference from Jono Alderson!)
      • You need to change the way you think about SEO
      • SEO is not dead, you just need to rethink about how to manage the search ecosystem and the opinions that users form when they search
      • Looking at Search & Social separately does not tell the full story
      • For every social click resulting in a purchase there are two clicks assisting another converting channel
      • Social will play a bigger role in supporting conversions, then making conversion itself
      • Buyers journeys are becoming increasingly fragmented
        • 65% of online revenue comes from purchases with touch points across multiple channels
        • Consumers Are 2.8x More Likely to Search for Your Brand if they have been exposed to your social ad.
        • Brands Experience a 11% Lift in Brand Searches if they are also running Facebook ads Capture
        • 44% of search marketers have seen search performance improve following the launch of a social campaign.
        • We should be looking at Life Time Value, not just ROI on one purchase
        • People are using multiple devices all day long:  60% use more than 1 device per day, 25% use 3 devices every day
        • Customers expect personalization, social provides an opportunity for incredibly targeted, personalized messaging
        • Video is experiencing exponential growth in Facebook with 4billion views a day! 75% of those happening on mobile
          • You have a 3 second audition
          • Tell stories, and be authentic
            • Explore the power of images
            • Be consistent
            • Cats: only use them if you sell catfood!

Hopefully this gives a flavour of the content shared by our incredible speakers, lots and lots to take away and think about.

twentysix would like to thank those who kindly made time to come along – the beer and food had nothing to do with it, we’re told – and thanks also to the generous support from our afore mentioned partners, we look forward to further collaborations in the future – watch this space.

If you wanted to discuss any of the above content then please do get in touch or 0113 320 2626



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